What are Daniel and Marlies doing?

 ‘What are Daniel and Marlies doing?you may be asking yourself. Or not. But if you are, we think that is a great question. And we’re glad you asked. ;)

We are volunteer missionaries who have dedicated our lives to prayer and missions. And here is what is on our hearts and what we do:

There is great injustice on the earth. The days are evil (Eph. 5:16). We can all see that. But Jesus told us to do more than observe that. He asked us to watch AND pray.

There was a time that Jesus walked in the Middle East and saw multitudes of people lost and weary, like sheep without a shepherd. His heart was deeply moved and in response He commanded His disciples to pray:

Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. (Matt. 9:38)

Andrew Murray commented on this verse and said: 

‘The man who mobilizes the church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelization in history.’

We live in Kansas City and are planted here at the IHOPKC missions base where we are a part of the leadership team. At the heart of our missions base is night-and-day prayer with worship for justice in the nations. (

We love the place of prayer. It is where our hearts come alive. It is where our theology is turned into experience. What a privilege and joy to engage a Father who responds to our voice. We believe prayer is the primary means through which God accomplishes His will on the earth. We labor in prayer for justice in the nations of the earth and for revival in the church. 

‘The only person who dares wake up a king at 3am for a glass of water is a child. We have that access.’ – Tim Keller

These are exciting days to be alive. They really are. Yes, bad stuff is happening. And on a larger scale than ever. But this is when Gods light shines the brightest. I believe that the church’s greatest hour is right in front of us. There is a time of great harvest and revival coming. I can see it coming.

The global prayer-movement is growing exponentially. It is fuelling the missions movement. And as God is fully conquering the hearts of people with His love, He is preparing His church for the challenges and great opportunities ahead.

Jesus will return for a glorious church. A bride prepared. An inheritance from every people group on the earth.

We want to fully give ourselves to the story God is writing and do our part. And so, in our everyday life we are equipping young people to embrace a culture of prayer and a lifestyle of mission. For 20 years now we have been calling young people to wholehearted devotion to Jesus, prayer for revival and compassion for the lost and the least.

When we moved from Kitale (Kenya) to Kansas City God told us that we would serve Africa better from this place. We love the nations and especially Africa. It is a part of our lives. And from this place, through our prayers, our traveling and the equipping and sending of missionaries we are seeking to be faithful to that which God has called us. To live lives of prayer, proclamation and acts of justice.

For His glory,

Daniel & Marlies

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Our feet, His words

So I was just reading Romans 10 again and verse 13 hit me:
‘whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”
Lots of times, as a Christian we don’t really dwell on that verse much, since we are already saved… our passport is stamped…. We got in!
But it continues to say this:
‘How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?' (v.14)
I have never considered myself much of an evangelist. In my King’s Kids days I felt the Lord really stretching me to evangelise, and I am so thankful for it, since it doesn’t come very natural to me to approach people out of the blue.
I realized though that I love talking about Jesus and how much He loves us, even to complete strangers! Also, it was exciting to see how much courage and confidence I experienced once I did step out.
But the reality of this part of the verse just struck me so deeply again:
'How then shall they call on him? …how shall they believe in Him….of whom they have not heard?'
How can they say yes, if there is no invitation? How can they call on Him if they don’t know He exists? How can they know the severity of the state they are in, the end that awaits them unless they will let Jesus intervene?
And do we, as Jesus’ followers realize the severity of eternity without Jesus is what they await…even if they have never heard, never had a chance to get the actual information?
How severe the injustice that thousands die without the knowledge of Jesus.
Today there are over 6.500 unreached people groups on the earth. Today roughly 66.000 people with no access to the gospel will perish into a Christ-less eternity, never once hearing that Jesus is the only way to the Father.  That is around 500.000 people a week, and over 24 million people each year!
God has ordained that saving faith comes by hearing the word of Christ, because faith is a response to Christ.
If Christ is to be glorified in the mission of the church, He must be heard and known.
This happens only through the word. No prayer can replace it. Prayer surely can empower it. 
Acts 4:31 says: ‘when they had prayed… they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness’.
I love how Hudson Taylor spoke of the great commission: ‘The great commission is not an option to be considered, it is a command to be obeyed’.
I feel challenged as I read these words, as I pray for the unreached, as I love my neighbors, as I teach my kids to be a blessing and pray for the nations, as I let the words of Romans 10 sink in I utter a prayer… God use my words….let me be the feet that bring good news...
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The Father heart of God

This last weekend Daniel shared a very personal message on the father-heart of God at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. In it he shares his journey of finding rest in Gods unconditional love. This message answers the question of what our identity is and helps us find confidence before God. And our confidence before God mostly depends on how we think God feels about us.

‘Your message was so good – practical, inspiring, insightful.’ – Mike Bickle

‘Absolutely excellent … I felt the Father’s heart … it was so good!’ – Misty Edwards

In the message Daniel talks about how the devil knows your name but calls you by your sin, but God, who knows your sin, calls you by your name. Sin is not the deepest thing about you. We shouldn't let our weaknesses define who we are. Nothing and no one has the right to define us. When we look to someone or something to give us our sense of worth then we are also empowering that something or someone to take away our sense of worth. Only God has the right to define us and tell us what we are worth. Find out how God feels about you.

When you copy the link below you can watch and listen do Daniel’s message:

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Our summer travels

We are so thankful to everyone who gave so generously to our summer trip to The Netherlands and Kenya. Here are some of my thoughts from a full heart and a mind that cannot find the words to put this into a ‘blog’…

It was so strange to feel at home, yet not have your own house there anymore, and to come to our family, introducing our new babies to each other. Real friends you can be so familiar with, as though you were just there yesterday, and you pick up where you left off.

Our summer in Kenya has been amazing…

Holding precious new little babies that God has such a purpose for, such destiny I get the privilege to hold. In their mama’s eyes I see the pride, the relief, the love…. Another one saved out of poverty, degrading abuse and the grip the devil tried to have on her.

Beautiful Esther’s eyes radiating with hope.

For the 3 new girls…  Rose, Purity and Theresa there’s a little sparkle in their eyes already… of eyes that show hearts that start to dream again, hopes that are awakened again and a release of fear that binds, but a freedom that delivers now sings it’s song over their hearts. Such joy to see their hearts turning to the very King who delivers, to the King who calls them His own. Esther’s walking out destiny. For such a time as this.

A pride as I see the team we journeyed with for over 10 years now, pastoring churches in a previously unreached people group, 

Pride as I see businesses springing up starting the journey towards sustenance of homes. Not just mere houses, but homes where children, babies and their teenage momma’s see life, destiny, hope and love again. Where hugs are safe and care is given.

Pride as I see leadership evolved and teamwork and ownership in Mwangi and Pauline’s leadership over the base. My heart just overwhelmed with the quality of people they are and how they love so so well. 

In the midst of financial challenges, they’ve seen the Lord supply. In the midst of the heartache of seeing family move overseas (the Hoogteijling’s that is…) they took the reigns and dared to dream again.

My heart overflows with love, with gratitude.

Today, pray for our team in Kitale. Pray for the babies, kids and girls in Bidii Home, EstherHome and Upright Home. Pray for the prayer movement in Kenya. Pray for the YouthApart team as they go into schools, on the radio and on the road and minister Gods love. Pray for the churches in Turkana. Pray for the houses of prayer in DRCongo, pray for the widows in Mogadishu. Pray for them, and join the story God is unfolding.

Thanks for being part of the journey….

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No. 3

I think it is time now to announce that Hoogteijling number 3 is on its way!!! We are 18 weeks and counting and so happy to tell you about him/her.

In DRCongo, last November, we found out we were pregnant.
A week later Daniel was stuck in the warzone.
I was back with the kids and our ACTS team in Kenya, praying he would get out safe.

Well, we were guessing I was just very early on in pregnancy, and I told Daniel that I wanted to have a scan and check up as soon as he would get back, since we have a history of late miscarriages, i just wanted to know whether things were alright or not.
It was hard and stressful, being away from him and all the tension it always brings with it, when he is on one of those missions we don’t know if he’ll ever get out off.

Daniel’s dad passed away when Daniel was 3 years old, as they were serving for OM on the missionfield of Turkey. We believe Daniel got a promise that he would see his children growing up- even though our lives are pretty similar... also on the missionfield, also in our 30-somethings, and also having a boy and then a girl...

well, long story short... this promise carried me through Daniel’s being stuck in Congo. He came back home to Kitale on thanksgiving day... truly we couldn’t be happier.
(and our chicken actually tasted like turkey, can you believe it?!)

So, after Daniel caught his breath, we were ready for the next big thing: a scan at Dr. Matasi, our amazing Kenyan OB/GYN. Well, we did a scan- what he saw was that I was 6 weeks pregnant... but it was an empty sack! We were devastated.
We lost our baby last year at 14 weeks of pregnancy (While i was in the Philippines, ministering), and we were not ready for another hit.
we cried... we were angry... we cried some more.... and life continued...
Daniel had to leave for a scouting trip to Ethiopia and Djibouti a day later, and I had to man the fort alone... We had our ACTS team still there, and our YouthApart base to lead, and I was an emotional wreck!!!

A lot of prayer and determination got us through the next 10 days, and when Daniel came back from his trip we decided to go back to the Dr, since we only had 2 more days in Kenya left, and if we needed to go do a D&C at the hospital, we just needed to get it over with before we were travelling again.

The weird thing in all of this, was that i totally felt pregnant and was on a faith-high for this one to make it to the world.
Well, we got our miracle! We went in to see the Dr, and did another scan- he turned the screen towards me and said, ‘here’s your baby...’ big pounding heartbeat and all! 8 weeks pregnant!!

We cried happy tears! He told us last time we came, he went home and prayed for us together with his wife- and here we were witnessing our little miracle.

So, we feel comfortable telling ‘the world’ about our next Hoogteijling arrival in July. We are 18 weeks pregnant right now, and super happy!

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