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We are so thankful to everyone who gave so generously to our summer trip to The Netherlands and Kenya. Here are some of my thoughts from a full heart and a mind that cannot find the words to put this into a ‘blog’…

It was so strange to feel at home, yet not have your own house there anymore, and to come to our family, introducing our new babies to each other. Real friends you can be so familiar with, as though you were just there yesterday, and you pick up where you left off.

Our summer in Kenya has been amazing…

Holding precious new little babies that God has such a purpose for, such destiny I get the privilege to hold. In their mama’s eyes I see the pride, the relief, the love…. Another one saved out of poverty, degrading abuse and the grip the devil tried to have on her.

Beautiful Esther’s eyes radiating with hope.

For the 3 new girls…  Rose, Purity and Theresa there’s a little sparkle in their eyes already… of eyes that show hearts that start to dream again, hopes that are awakened again and a release of fear that binds, but a freedom that delivers now sings it’s song over their hearts. Such joy to see their hearts turning to the very King who delivers, to the King who calls them His own. Esther’s walking out destiny. For such a time as this.

A pride as I see the team we journeyed with for over 10 years now, pastoring churches in a previously unreached people group, 

Pride as I see businesses springing up starting the journey towards sustenance of homes. Not just mere houses, but homes where children, babies and their teenage momma’s see life, destiny, hope and love again. Where hugs are safe and care is given.

Pride as I see leadership evolved and teamwork and ownership in Mwangi and Pauline’s leadership over the base. My heart just overwhelmed with the quality of people they are and how they love so so well. 

In the midst of financial challenges, they’ve seen the Lord supply. In the midst of the heartache of seeing family move overseas (the Hoogteijling’s that is…) they took the reigns and dared to dream again.

My heart overflows with love, with gratitude.

Today, pray for our team in Kitale. Pray for the babies, kids and girls in Bidii Home, EstherHome and Upright Home. Pray for the prayer movement in Kenya. Pray for the YouthApart team as they go into schools, on the radio and on the road and minister Gods love. Pray for the churches in Turkana. Pray for the houses of prayer in DRCongo, pray for the widows in Mogadishu. Pray for them, and join the story God is unfolding.

Thanks for being part of the journey….