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I think it is time now to announce that Hoogteijling number 3 is on its way!!! We are 18 weeks and counting and so happy to tell you about him/her.

In DRCongo, last November, we found out we were pregnant.
A week later Daniel was stuck in the warzone.
I was back with the kids and our ACTS team in Kenya, praying he would get out safe.

Well, we were guessing I was just very early on in pregnancy, and I told Daniel that I wanted to have a scan and check up as soon as he would get back, since we have a history of late miscarriages, i just wanted to know whether things were alright or not.
It was hard and stressful, being away from him and all the tension it always brings with it, when he is on one of those missions we don’t know if he’ll ever get out off.

Daniel’s dad passed away when Daniel was 3 years old, as they were serving for OM on the missionfield of Turkey. We believe Daniel got a promise that he would see his children growing up- even though our lives are pretty similar... also on the missionfield, also in our 30-somethings, and also having a boy and then a girl...

well, long story short... this promise carried me through Daniel’s being stuck in Congo. He came back home to Kitale on thanksgiving day... truly we couldn’t be happier.
(and our chicken actually tasted like turkey, can you believe it?!)

So, after Daniel caught his breath, we were ready for the next big thing: a scan at Dr. Matasi, our amazing Kenyan OB/GYN. Well, we did a scan- what he saw was that I was 6 weeks pregnant... but it was an empty sack! We were devastated.
We lost our baby last year at 14 weeks of pregnancy (While i was in the Philippines, ministering), and we were not ready for another hit.
we cried... we were angry... we cried some more.... and life continued...
Daniel had to leave for a scouting trip to Ethiopia and Djibouti a day later, and I had to man the fort alone... We had our ACTS team still there, and our YouthApart base to lead, and I was an emotional wreck!!!

A lot of prayer and determination got us through the next 10 days, and when Daniel came back from his trip we decided to go back to the Dr, since we only had 2 more days in Kenya left, and if we needed to go do a D&C at the hospital, we just needed to get it over with before we were travelling again.

The weird thing in all of this, was that i totally felt pregnant and was on a faith-high for this one to make it to the world.
Well, we got our miracle! We went in to see the Dr, and did another scan- he turned the screen towards me and said, ‘here’s your baby...’ big pounding heartbeat and all! 8 weeks pregnant!!

We cried happy tears! He told us last time we came, he went home and prayed for us together with his wife- and here we were witnessing our little miracle.

So, we feel comfortable telling ‘the world’ about our next Hoogteijling arrival in July. We are 18 weeks pregnant right now, and super happy!