The organization iEnable was founded in 2004 in The Netherlands with the vision to support Daniel and Marlies Hoogteijling in their missions work. In different ways they are enabled to work, travel and do the things that they sense God has called them to do.


Daniel and Marlies have devoted their lives to prayer and missions. It is their desire to see God revive His church, to call young people to wholehearted devotion and to share God's love with the least and the broken.


After spending years in helping give leadership to Soul Survivor in The Netherlands,  Daniel and Marlies moved to Kenya in 2004 where they lived in Kitale and worked as missionaries for 8 years. Then in 2012 they moved to Kanas City in the United States. There they have become a part of the leadership at IHOPKC (the International House of Prayer, in Kansas City). IHOPKC is a missionsbase where 24-7 worship is offered to the Lord with prayer for justice in the nations of the earth. Daniel and Marlies spend their time in prayer and teach a lot, training young adults while also developing their missionswork in Africa from this base in Kansas City.

Their son Aiden and daughter Leona were both born in Kenya and David, the youngest, was born in Kansas City.


The board of iEnable consists of a team of young people who believe in Daniel and Marlies and their vision and who want to stand with them. The most important functions of iEnable are the support it gives in the areas of finances, personal intercession and friendship.

Partner with us

The organization iEnable seeks to enable Daniel and Marlies to do their missionary work from Kansas City. If you want to get involved with their work and want to partner with them then, of course, that is possible.

iEnable offers people the opportunity to support them financially. This, for example, could be done by giving a one time financial gift or financially partnering with them on a monthly basis.

Also you could be involved in personal, committed intercession. For this you can contact us via e-mail. Also for any other questions, feel free to email us at